Peru: Exports reached US$47.709 billion in 2018

14:35 | Lima, Feb. 19.

Peruvian exports totaled US$47.709 billion in 2018, thus breaking a record, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez informed Tuesday.

"These figures should fill us with pride," the official underlined. 

In this sense, Minister Vasquez indicated this milestone denotes a motivation to continue working to expand the Inca country's shipments

Likewise, he indicated these numbers represent a 7.5% rise compared to 2017

Furthermore, 7,518 companies —that export non-traditional products— covered the five continents. 

"97% of these businesses are micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises," the cabinet member expressed. 

Moreover, non-traditional exports posted a record in 2018 by exceeding US$13.223 billion, a 12.6% expansion compared to the previous year. 

He also highlighted the fact that Peru is the world leader in exports of asparagus and quinoa, among other products. 


Published: 2/19/2019
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