Peru remains world's top producer and exporter of quinoa

Impulsan producción de quinua orgánica en Jauja, Junín. ANDINA

Impulsan producción de quinua orgánica en Jauja, Junín. ANDINA

13:34 | Lima, Dec. 25.

Peru remains the largest quinoa producer in the world with 79,269 tons in 2016, thus accounting for 53.3% of the total volume worldwide, Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry (Minagri) reported Monday.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Bolivia and Ecuador made up 44% and 2.7% of the global production, taking second and third spots, respectively.


Likewise, Peru continues to be the world's biggest exporter of quinoa since 2014 with 44,300 tons sent in 2016 (47.3% of the overall export volume), as stated by Trade Map —provider of trade statistics for international business development.

Bolivia (31.4%), the United States (5.6%) and the Netherlands (3.6%) come next.

According to Minagri's Directorate of Economic Studies and Agricultural Information, the main quinoa producing region in Peru last year was Puno —with 35,166 tons, accounting for 44.4% of the national production.

Other producing regions included Ayacucho (21%), Apurimac (8.1%), Arequipa (7.8%), Cusco (5%) and Junin (4.8%).

As for Puno, the main producing areas were Azangaro (20.7%), El Collao (15.9%) and San Roman (14.1%) provinces.


In terms of yields, Arequipa region led the ranking with 3.4 tons per hectare, followed by Tacna, Lambayeque, Lima (2 tons/hectare each) and Junin (1.9 tons/hectare).

The national average yield was 1.2 tons per hectare.


Published: 12/25/2017