Peru: Exports account for 21% of GDP

15:00 | Lima, Jul. 29.

The exports sector is a priority for the Peruvian Government as it contributes 21% to GDP and is one of the main employment sources in the country, Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) CEO Luis Torres has affirmed.

"Within the exports sector, the shipments of added-value products stood out over the past year, highlighting the agro-exports sector," the official told Andina news agency. 

In this sense, he underlined this progress enabled 850 products to break a new exporting record over recent years. 

Likewise, agricultural, garment, manufacturing, fishery, and diverse manufacturing products stood out. 

On the other hand, President Martin Vizcarra —during his annual Address to the Nation — indicated his administration currently works intensively to achieve a better positioning and consolidation of the Inca country's exports, tourism, and investments


Furthermore, Torres pointed out the challenge towards the future is continuing to consolidate exports and the creation of added value.

Sectoral brands 

He went on to add sectoral brands are currently being consolidated through PromPeru. 

Within this framework, the official explained the objective is to accomplish a differentiation in the international market. 


Published: 7/29/2019
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