Peru: Exporters hope trade relations with UK remain solid

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

13:35 | Lima, Apr. 8.

Peru's exporting sector expects that trade relations with the United Kingdom will remain solid as the separation from the European Union would impact bilateral trade, privately-run Association of Peruvian Exporters (Adex) has informed.

According to the guild's Research and Global Business Center (Cien-Adex), 57.8% of total Peruvian products sent to the UK —in 2018— were non-traditional.

"For Peru's interests, it is convenient that the accord between the European Union and the United Kingdom gets approved. This way, there will be a direct negotiation with the latter to maintain the normal state of bilateral economic relations," Cien-Adex Director Carlos Gonzalez expressed. 

"But with an immediate Brexit, the impact on trade and Peruvian economy would be very strong," he pointed out.


In 2018, trade balance with the UK registered a surplus for Peru (US$461 million).

Within this framework, total exports neared US$704 million and imports totaled US$243 million, Adex Data Trade Business Intelligence System reported.

The traditional sector (US$296 million) accounted for 42.2% of total shipments. Meanwhile, value-added exports (US$407 million) represented the remaining 57.8% and expanded 22.1%. 

The agro-industrial sector was the most important on the occasion (46.5% of the total). 


Published: 4/8/2019
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