Peru: Eligible Venezuelans have 60 days to submit PTP required documentation

13:45 | Lima, Sep. 13.

The National Superintendence of Migrations has set a 60-day deadline for eligible Venezuelans currently in Peru to provide the missing documentation required to obtain a Temporary Resident Permit (PTP).

According to a resolution published on Friday in El Peruano official gazette, if the documents are not submitted in time, the application to get such permit will be declared inadmissible.

The deadline is calculated from the day after the day when the notice was published, that is, from September 14.

Granted by the National Superintendence of Migrations, the Temporary Resident Permit (PTP) regularizes Venezuelan citizens' migratory status for one year, enabling them to work and access services such as education, health, and justice in Peru.


Published: 9/13/2019