Peru: Cusco's delegation to visit New York for Inti Raymi festival's launch event

Photo: ANDINA/Percy Hurtado Santillán

Photo: ANDINA/Percy Hurtado Santillán

14:49 | Cusco (Cusco region), May. 16.

A delegation of 33 people from Cusco is ready to travel to New York City, United States, this weekend to hold an Inca ceremony to announce the staging of Inti Raymi, or Festival of the Sun, and invite tourists from said country to visit this Andean region and participate in the Imperial City's jubilee celebrations.

The ceremony will take place on Tuesday, May 23, at the United Palace Theater in New York, said Rosendo Baca, chair of the Board at the Municipal Company for Celebrations and Promotion of Cusco (Emufec).

In remarks to Andina news agency, Baca explained that the delegation is made up of Cusco Province Mayor Luis Pantoja, Robert Paucara Churana, and Karen Gonzales Saldivar (actors who will play the roles of the Inca Pachacutec and La Coya, respectively), the Inca's entourage, as well as musicians and dancers.

"We will bring such cultural content to the whole world," he said.

The Inca ritual, which will be the prelude to the Inti Raymi ceremony that is staged every June 24 on the esplanade of the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park, will last an hour and a half.

Moreover, the event in New York is intended to invite foreign tourists to participate in Cusco festivities.

"The United States is the main source of tourists for our city, and New York is the commercial capital. Hence their importance," the official said, referring to the fact that the large percentage of visitors to Peru and Cusco come from North America.

Baca indicated that more than 3,300 spectators will witness Cusco's cultural expressions at the United Palace

The aim is to captivate the attendees and reach the rest of the world through them. 

The event, organized in coordination with Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru), will be broadcast on various channels and social networks.


Published: 5/16/2023