Peru: Cusco to promote Hiram Bingham's route to Machu Picchu

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

11:34 | Cusco (Cusco region), Apr. 9.

Cusco's Decentralized Culture Directorate (DDC) announced a tourism strategic plan to promote the route taken by U.S. explorer Hiram Bingham back in 1911 when he reached the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

According to Jose Bastante Abuhadba, head of the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park, lithic elements have been found near the log bridge built by Melchor Arteaga —a local farmer who informed about the existence of two Inca sites— the one used by Hiram Bingham to cross the river.

The supports of said structure were found in the last exploration and are located some 30 meters away from Ruinas Bridge —the new overpass used by buses heading to the Inca citadel and by tourists who venture out on foot.

"Several parts of the path were upgraded but remain part of the original journey taken by Bingham on July 24, 1911 to reach the Machu Picchu Llaqta," Bastante stated.

"Tourists often want to go on foot, but the current route does not meet specific security requirements. In some sections, they opt to walk parallel to the road," he explained.

Bastante said the idea is to improve the path, making it an interpretation journey with a few stops, as well as the cultural aspect, which is also part of the scientific discovery.

According to the project, computer graphics might be placed in the lower part of the way to remember the event of July 24, 1911. "Many more will opt for that route," he emphasized.

Currently, only a small percentage of the more than 4,000 tourists visiting Machu Picchu use the pedestrian walkway from Ruinas Bridge —which takes some 45 minutes to one hour to complete.

It must be noted Decentralized Culture Directorate's (DDC) actions seek to expand and decentralize tourism in the area.


Published: 4/9/2019
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