Peru: Cusco residents, tourists enjoyed Ollantay Raymi staging

16:39 | Urubamba (Cusco region), Jul. 1.

Nearly 1,000 tourists and Cusco region residents enjoyed the staging of Ollantay Raymi 2019, which took place at Ollantaytambo archaeological complex in Urubamba last Sunday.

The event began in the Inca citadel and then moved to the complex, amid people's applause.

The anonymous play known as "Ollantay" was performed by actors Adolfo Baca as General Ollantay, Grecia Baca as Ima Sumaq, and Dina Villa as Kusiqoyllur. Over 300 actors were part of the staging. 

The story follows Ollantay —a commoner— who fell in love with Kusiqoyllur (Star) —the daughter of Inca Pachacutec. 

Said romance was forbidden, as —according to the laws of the Inca Empire— a princess could only marry a man from the same lineage. However, love-blinded Ollantay married Kusiqoyllur, an act that was punished by Pachacutec. 

Ollantay Raymi has become an added attraction that is offered during Cusco region's jubilee month celebrations. Thus, tourists can get to know the romance, prohibitions, and challenges of the ancient empire. 


Published: 7/1/2019
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