Peru: School students open Cusco jubilee month celebrations

13:23 | Cusco (Cusco region), Jun. 12.

Primary school students expressed identity and exhibited dexterity in a Cusco traditional dance parade marking the Imperial City's jubilee month celebrations.

The Andean city's main square and nearby streets of the historical center became the meeting and passing place of 36 delegations, whose members are fifth- and sixth-grade students at private and public schools.

The colorfully dressed dancers were cheered on by their relatives and attentive tourists, who did not miss the chance to film and take pictures of the spectacle.

The dances performed included Wifala Llallinakuy, Ccatcca Pukllay, Sunkunakuy, Wallata Salkaqocha, Pukllay Pukakallampa, Coraje Chumbivilcano, among others.
According to Andres Carrion, head of Cusco's Local Education Management Unit (UGEL), students' participation in the parade demonstrates that Cusco locals identify with the land where they were born from a very young age.  

"The pride of their land is instilled in them (locals) from this age, and they (students) are a proof of that," he said.

The parade also featured a competition. To determine the winners, the judges considered aspects like choreography, cultural representation, and costumes.


Published: 6/12/2019
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