Peru: Cusco exports Hass avocados to Europe, Asia, and U.S.

12:18 | Limatambo (Cusco region), Aug. 17.

Hass avocados produced in Limatambo district reached 1,258 tons by the end of the 2018 season, a 162% increase compared to 2017 (777 tons). Said shipments arrived in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Limatambo's avocado agro-exports activity brings positive results to small producers, National Agricultural Sanitation Service (Senasa) informed.

According to Senasa, 50 tons of the said fruit were exported in 2014; 200 in 2015; and 280 in 2016. 

This result goes hand in hand with the work done by Senasa, which is responsible for the certification of Hass avocado production sites, overseeing the vehicles that transport the fruit from Cusco to authorized packaging companies in Ica region, and granting export certification. 

The phytosanitary certification for the site guarantees fruit shipments will comply with international standards and phytosanitary requirements demanded by each importing country, such as Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, China, Japan, the United States, and Canada. 

Senasa also conducts phytosanitary surveillance activities against the Stenoma catenifer pest in order to protect 400 ha of avocado production, and promptly detect the presence or outbreak of new pests or diseases that could harm and affect the yield.

Limatambo district is the most important Hass avocado producer in Cusco region, with 15 sectors and 225 producers belonging to the Fruit and Valley's Avocado Producers Association, which sends 70% of its production to foreign markets and 30% to the domestic one.


Published: 8/17/2018
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