Peru: Credit to private sector up 9.2% in May 2018

10:54 | Lima, Jun. 22.

Total credit to the private sector expanded 9.2% in May 2018, thus marking eleven months of sustained growth, Central Reserve Bank (BCR) informed.

This segment included loans granted by banks, municipal, as well as rural saving entities, and other financial institutions.

In this sense, Peruvian Sol-denominated loans climbed from 8.5% (April) to 9% (May), marking six consecutive months of increase.

On the other hand, U.S. dollar credits reached a growth rate of 9.5% last May, higher than that registered in April (8.8%)

Credit to businesses

According to BCR, loans granted to enterprises rose from 7.4% (April) to 8.2% (May).

This result was mostly driven by growth in credits to the corporate sector and large companies (11%).

Similarly, credits to small- and micro-sized enterprises expanded 8.9% in the fifth month, and those to medium-sized companies increased by 1.8%.

Credit to households

Lastly, loans to households grew 10.7% in May of 2018.

In this regard, BCR noted consumer credit and mortgage lending increased 11.6% and 9.4%, respectively.


Published: 6/22/2018