Peru continues negotiations with three U.S. laboratories to purchase COVID-19 vaccines

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

10:45 | Washington D.C. (U.S.), Jan. 22.

Ambassador to the United States Hugo de Zela on Friday reported that Peru is in talks with three laboratories headquartered in the North American country, with the aim of increasing the supply of vaccines against COVID-19.

"We are in talks not only with Pfizer, but also with two other North American laboratories, these are Johnson & Johnson and Moderna; we are in talks with those three laboratories, and I would say that these (the talks) are progressing well," he said in remarks to RPP radio and TV station.

In this sense, the diplomat indicated that the Peruvian Embassy's role in the U.S. is the traditional one, which consists in serving as the facilitator of contacts, so that information flows from both sides "without any problems."

"I hope that, if these (the talks) go well, we can have news in a relatively short time; it is very difficult to set a specific deadline, but we are talking about days rather than months," he expressed.

Moreover, the envoy pointed out that the new administration of U.S. President Joe Biden has placed a strong emphasis on the fight against the pandemic.

In fact, one of his signed executive orders will contribute to increasing the production of COVID-19 vaccines —a measure that will benefit not only the United States, but also other countries like Peru.


Concerning the U.S.-Peru relations during the recently sworn-in Biden administration, Ambassador De Zela said there are coincidences such as the fight against drugs, which is expected to see a continuity in collaboration —with emphasis on development policies and environmental protection.

"Cooperation issues are going to increase during the Biden administration. The United States is re-cooperating with its traditional partners, so cooperation through the USAID (United States Agency for International Development) can be expected to become stronger," he concluded.


Published: 1/22/2021
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