Peru's FA Min affirms negotiations with Pfizer continue for COVID-19 vaccine

12:31 | Lima, Jan. 16.

Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Elizabeth Astete affirmed that the negotiations with Pfizer —aimed at acquiring vaccines against the novel coronavirus— continue and believes they will be successful.

The high-ranking official indicated that the Peruvian Government and the laboratory currently undertake efforts to consolidate an agreement in order to purchase 9.2 million doses.

"1.8 million of these (vaccines) could arrive in the first quarter of this year," she said in remarks to Canal N.

In this sense, the government official noted that there are enough freezers to store the above-mentioned batch.

Johnson & Johnson

Likewise, Ambassador Astete reported that a preliminary agreement has been signed with Johnson & Johnson, which would enable the arrival of their vaccines within the first six months of 2021, probably in May.

The diplomat went on to add that this agreement is important for Peru, since it entails a single-dose vaccine, which would facilitate its arrival and distribution in remote places.



Published: 1/16/2021
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