Peru: Completion of reopening phases to rely on adherence to protocols

14:10 | Lima, May. 12.

Labor and Employment Promotion Minister Sylvia Caceres on Tuesday affirmed that the resumption of economic activities in four phases will depend on how well companies and workers adhere to public health protocols.

"The success of this four-stage (reactivation) process relies on a responsible attitude of companies, strict adherence to the safety protocols, and workers' commitment to these provisions," she said in statements to TV Peru.

The government official noted that each phase will be completed as planned if the risk of contagion is under control.

"If the (contagion) curve rises and the plateau trend that we are perceiving is reversed, due to the (resumption of) economic activities, obviously (later phases) shall be suspended or further extended over time," she explained.

In this regard, the minister stated that the Government is working to maintain the balance between public health and the resumption of economic activities.

"It is a very fine balance because as more people go back to work to resume these activities, the risk of spreading the virus increases too (...). In this respect, it is imperative to continue our efforts to contain the spread," she added.

Caceres noted that the first stage of economic resumption is being implemented in May. It involves a gradual reopening of companies, which will result in the hiring of people who had been suspended.


Published: 5/12/2020
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