Peru: Chancay Port will turn Peru into South America's hub

14:52 | Lima, Nov. 8.

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Roberto Sanchez on Tuesday underscored the value of exporters, as well as of men and women from the countryside.

On the occasion of Exporters' Day, the Cabinet member highlighted the important performance that Peru has achieved in recent years.

For example, in 2021 Peruvian shipments reached a record amount worth over US$56 billion, which represented a growth of 35% compared to 2020.

These great figures are supported by 8,573 exporting companies that sought to deliver the best Peruvian offer to the world last year, with 4,805 products to conquer 170 markets on five continents, he said. 

The Mincetur head underscored that this date is very important for the country and reaffirms the great opportunities we have, which require the efforts and will of everyone.

"If last year we had important performances, they will be much better this year. I just would like to reaffirm our will from Mincetur (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism) and PromPeru (Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board). We have important achievements that mean employment, identity, development, and many challenges," Minister Sanchez expressed. 

"We need to be more competitive so as to strengthen dialogue, institutionality, the democratic system, and political stability, which means employment (opportunities) for our regions and communities," he added.

In his speech, the government official highlighted the works being undertaken in the construction of the Chancay Multipurpose Port Terminal. As is known, this project will enable Peru to become the main logistics hub in South America, achieving the commercialization of products from the entire region.

Moreover, he welcomed the holding of the XII edition of the Chile-Peru Binational Meeting, which takes place in Arica and brings together a hundred Chilean and Peruvian companies that actively participate in a business roundtable and attend panel discussions, as well as specialized seminars. 

This information was provided during the Exporters' Day ceremony —an event led by the President of the Republic Pedro Castillo. It was also attended by Congress' Foreign Trade-Tourism Commission Chairman Edgar Tello; Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) Executive-President Amora Carbajal; as well as representatives of more than 150 exporting companies.


Published: 11/8/2022