Peru: Ashaninka cacao products showcased in Russia during World Cup

17:10 | Moscow (Russia), Jun. 21.

Several Peruvian cacao producing cooperatives currently take part in Casa Peru, a space the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) opened in Moscow to promote the Inca country's exportable supply during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

One of these is Kemito Ene Ashaninka Association, originally from Junin region's Satipo province, which offers cacao derivatives such as true Peruvian chocolate bars.

This cooperative is composed of 291 men and 44 women from the areas located along Rio Tambo, Mazamari, and San Martin de Pangoa districts.

"Our goal is to offer 5,000 chocolate bars made with Kemito Ene company's cacao, as well as sell those produced in other areas of Peru (...)," Russia-headquartered Amazing Cacao enterprise manager Olga Yaravikova pointed out.

Furthermore, she stressed the Andean nation hosts a wide variety of cacao beans, unlike other countries. It contributes to increasing demand for these chocolate bars not only in Russia —where they are sold— but also in other territories like the United States and Japan —where tasting sessions have already begun.

For his part, Kemito Ene manager Pedro Antezana remarked said chocolate bars contain 70% pure organic cacao.

"We export cacao beans to the Russian company (called) Amazing Cacao, which bets on our goods to produce chocolate bars with our logo (…)," he noted.

It is worth mentioning Casa Peru in Moscow received over 6,000 visitors on its opening day. 

Launched by Peru's country brand (Marca Peru), this initiative brings together the best flagship products from diverse regions of the Inca territory, as well as promotes its main tourist destinations.

Casa Peru in Moscow opens thru June 28 at Manege Exhibition Center, near Moscow's Red Square.


Published: 6/21/2018
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