Pedro Castillo: We are not communists, Chavistas, or terrorists

Photo: ANDINA/Andres Valle

Photo: ANDINA/Andres Valle

11:40 | Mancora (Piura region), Apr. 28.

Peru Libre presidential candidate Pedro Castillo on Wednesday affirmed that he is not a communist, a Chavista, or a terrorist, but a worker like any other Peruvian citizen.

From the northern city of Mancora, the 51-year-old teacher recalled that he had recently held a meeting with former Avanza Pais candidate Hernando de Soto clarifying those points.

"A statement saying no to communism has been issued. We have just sat down and clarified that we are not communists, we are not Chavistas, we are not terrorists. We are workers like any of you; we have met in the streets; within that framework, we ask you for tranquility," he expressed.

Likewise, the candidate greeted the businesspeople who have taken his side, agreeing that there will be a government characterized by legal stability and an open call to the business sector.

Previously, during his visit to Piura, Castillo said that —if elected President of the Republic— he will allow free access to universities, and ratified his proposal to increase the public budget allocated for education to 10%.

According to him, he will work to "make a great education revolution, without barriers, but with teachers."

"Enough of profiting from education, it will be a constitutional right, and I ratify to allocate 10% of the GDP budget to the education sector, so that our children can have free access to universities," he pointed out.

Moreover, the candidate assured that he will respect the autonomy of the Central Reserve Bank, as well as the independence of State powers.

After invoking the unity and tranquility that the country needs, he reiterated his request to put the stigmatization aside.

"Do not come to blame us that the U.S. Dollar has already risen because I am going to be a governor (...)," he said.

Castillo also greeted the parties that have decided to support him. "They have made the most correct decision, that of not obeying fear, the fears are over," he emphasized.

In addition, he reiterated that he will work together with businesspeople to modernize the country.

"I call for the broadest confidence in the national private company, as well as the micro and small companies to work and manage the industrialization of Peru together," he added.

As is known, Pedro Castillo will face Fuerza Popular presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori in the runoff election to be held on June 6.


Published: 4/28/2021
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