Pedro Castillo: COVID-19 vaccination process to end on Dec 31

Photo: ANDINA/Andres Valle

Photo: ANDINA/Andres Valle

13:06 | Piura (Piura region), Apr. 27.

Peru Libre presidential candidate Pedro Castillo on Tuesday affirmed that —if elected President of the Republic in the runoff scheduled for June 6— the vaccination of Peruvians against COVID-19 will be completed on December 31, 2021.

From Piura, the contender said his technical team works autonomously on the proposal to provide vaccines to every region.

"(...) from the time we take office, on July 28, until December 31 of this year, people will have completed (the vaccination process); the high-quality vaccine is guaranteed for the entire population," he expressed.

Castillo confirmed that —if he wins the elections— he will allocate 10% of GDP to health and education, with the resources that will be obtained from the review of contracts and the recovery of strategic resources.

Likewise, he said the budget for these sectors currently does not reach 3% of GDP.

"There will not only be money and wealth; the economic potential will not only go to health, education, agriculture, but also to prevent major natural disasters," he indicated.

Furthermore, Castillo reiterated that the priority of his eventual administration will be to guarantee quality, free, massive, and optional vaccines for all Peruvians because that is the only way to reactivate the economy.

"In health, we will start with this city that is hungry for justice and equal opportunities; I will personally make the decision to install the maternal and child hospital in Piura; we will provide the budget and organize ourselves; the priorities are agriculture, fishermen, and transporters," he detailed.

Within this framework, the candidate reaffirmed that in his eventual government he will promote the reengineering of the transportation system with transporters, the "educational revolution" with teachers, and the "second agrarian reform" with farmers.

"The fight against corruption must be carried out along with the police, giving them the budget to play an important preventive role and investigative work, the fight against crime will be (supported by) ronderos (peasant patrols); I call on the Armed Forces so that, within the framework of unity, we can put the country in order," he indicated.

Asked by reporters about a pardon for imprisoned former President Alberto Fujimori, Castillo said that "people have not lost memory" and that there will be "neither pardon nor forgiveness nor forgetfulness."

He also affirmed that —if elected president— there will be not forced sterilizations, adding that these practices were used against his family members.


Published: 4/27/2021
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