Number of Venezuelans entering Peru rises to about 2,000 a day

20:20 | Tumbes, (Tumbes region), Oct. 15.

The Tumbes crossing has seen an increase in Venezuelan arrivals from 1,300 to 2,000 per day, on average, after passport requirement to enter Peru was annulled, Tumbes region's Binational Border Attention Center (CEBAF) informed.

The rise of over 50% —over the average figure— was recorded less than a week after Lima's Fifth Criminal Court decided to revoke a resolution that required Venezuelans to present a passport to enter Peruvian territory.

Since the Judicial Resolution was implemented, over 18,000 Venezuelan citizens have entered through CEBAF, 35% of them did so by presenting their ID cards. 

As is known, the passport requirement was stipulated as Venezuelan ID cards are very easy to falsify since they lack security measures and online verification, which prevents authorities from certifying the identity of its holders.

Several Venezuelans had been caught using forged documents to enter Peru and some of them had been arrested in unlawful situations.

It must be noted that pregnant women, minors accompanied by at least one parent, adults over the age of 70, and people with serious illnesses were exempt from the passport requirement. 

After this measure came into effect, the average daily influx slid from 3,500 to 1,300. 

Last week, Interior Minister Mauro Medina indicated his portfolio was considering appealing the judge's decision. 

By the end of September 2017, 460,000 Venezuelan citizens had entered the Inca country, thus becoming the second-largest recipient of Venezuelan migrants after Colombia (1 million). 


Published: 10/15/2018
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