Pedro Castillo: Thank you, people of Peru, for this historic triumph



20:36 | Lima, Jul. 19.

"Thank you, people of Peru, for this historic triumph!" the President-elect of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, said in a tweet on Monday.

"The time has come to call on all sectors of society to build together —in the Bicentennial (of Peru's Independence)— an inclusive, just, and free nation, without discrimination, for the rights and for everyone," Castillo wrote on Twitter.

"We call on Afro, Coastal, Andean, and Amazonian peoples, the working class and its unions, the native and peasant communities, and the society as a whole to make our homeland beautiful. Sisters and brothers, a new stage begins in our history today," he added.

Castillo's remarks were made on Monday evening after the National Election Board (JNE) proclaimed him as President-elect of the Republic of Peru for the 2021-2026 period.


Published: 7/19/2021
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