Jaime Yoshiyama returns to Peru, to serve 36-month preventive detention

10:36 | Lima, Mar. 11.

Keiko Fujimori's political party Fuerza 2011 (now Fuerza Popular) ex-Secretary General Jaime Yoshiyama returned on Sunday night to Lima Peru, where he is expected to serve 36-month preventive detention.

On the occasion, he was joined by his attorney Humberto Abanto, who said that Yoshiyama would be taken to the National Police's Summons headquarters, then to the Judiciary's holding cell and finally to prison. 

Yoshiyama had traveled to the United States in October 2018 to get treatment on an alleged disease affecting his eyes. 

Last January, Peru's Second National Criminal Appeals Chamber dismissed as unfounded the appeal filed by his defense team.

The Chamber also ratified the 36-month preventive detention imposed on him, since he had not served the sentence due to his being out of the country. He had been based in the United States.

Yoshiyama is included in the Prosecutor's Office's investigation into alleged money laundering crimes in the case linked to Odebrecht contributions made to Fuerza Popular party during Keiko Fujimori's 2011 presidential campaign.

However, according to him, businessman Juan Rassmuss —who passed away in 2016— had donated the money to Keiko Fujimori's campaign through fake donors

As is known, Yoshiyama had served as Minister, as well as of Congress Chairman during ex-President Alberto Fujimori's regime (1990-2000). The father of Keiko Fujimori currently serves a sentence in Lima over crimes against humanity and corruption committed during his term in office.


Published: 3/11/2019
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