Keiko Fujimori case: Former Fujimori minister left Peru for U.S.

Jaime Yoshiyama

Jaime Yoshiyama

18:30 | Lima, Oct. 10.

Ex-minister of the Alberto Fujimori regime Jaime Yoshiyama —whose detention has been ordered by the Public Ministry— left the Inca nation last week as he was not barred from doing so, the National Superintendence of Migrations informed on Wednesday.

Yoshiyama left the Andean nation early on Sunday, October 7, for the United States.

His arrest was ordered by judge Richard Concepcion, who also enjoined preventive detention —for 10 days— of Fuerza Popular opposition party leader Keiko Fujimori this morning.

As reported earlier, Fujimori's detention was requested within the framework of a judicial procedure for allegedly receiving Odebrecht contributions.

Concepcion stipulated not to prevent Yoshiyama from leaving the country after a resolution authorizing such restriction was declared null.

The judge ordered to place other 19 people under preventive detention in addition to Yoshiyama. 

However, two of them managed to leave the country as well because they were not banned from doing so.

Jorge Yoshiyama left for Panama on Monday, October 8, and Ytalo Pachas headed to Ecuador on Sunday, October 7.


Published: 10/10/2018