Germany donates mechanical ventilators to Peru

Photo: German Embassy in Peru

00:00 | Lima, Aug. 11.

The Federal Republic of Germany donated 24 mechanical ventilators to Peru in a bid to help it fight the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the German Embassy in Lima has reported.

The donation was conveyed to the Female Committee in Support of the Military Family (COFA-FAM).

Held on Monday, the ceremony was attended by Army General Commander Jorge Celiz and German Ambassador to Peru Stefan Herzberg.

Jessica Rocha, the head of COFA-FAM, will distribute the ventilators to military health centers so that they can cope with the recovery process of COVID-19 patients supported by better equipment.

Both Celiz and Rocha thanked Germany for its support to the Peruvian Army and noted that the aid will be of vital importance for patients.

The aid, which was made available to the Peruvian Army, is proof of Germany's solidarity with the South American nation.

"To Germany, the Republic of Peru has been a reliable partner for many years, and we want to support it actively in the fight against COVID-19, in a direct and sustainable manner," the German Embassy in Lima stated.

In May and June this year, Germany sent 30 ventilators and medical equipment to the Peruvian Air Force, the Peruvian Navy and civilian hospitals. 

Currently, further aid is being arranged to benefit patients in Iquitos, Piura, Arequipa and Lima regions.

According to the diplomatic mission, the above-mentioned ventilators are aimed at helping Peru overcome some difficulties in the fight against COVID-19, mainly in Lima's peripheral areas. 

The donation was financed by the German Embassy in Lima, and made in partnership with the Female Committee in Support of the Military Family (COFA-FAM), which also contributed to the financing and arranged the transport of ventilators from Germany together with the Peruvian Embassy in Berlin. 


Published: 8/11/2020
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