German importers show interest in Peruvian cacao

15:51 | Hamburg (Germany), Nov. 14.

German food importers regard Peruvian cacao as one of the best in the world, thus they will provide advice to the Inca country's producers aimed at exporting these grains without any setbacks, Peru's Hamburg-based Trade Office (OCEX) informed Wednesday.

During a meeting with German Cocoa Trade Association General-Manager Rodger Wegner, the European nation's interest in cacao as supply for food and cosmetic products was highlighted. 

OCEX Director Gycs Gordon indicated OCEX Hamburg had reached an agreement with the German Cocoa Trade Association at COTECA fair. 

Therefore, German businesspeople will advise Peruvian producers in the entry of cacao into the EU market

"This is extremely important as it shows recognition for our product," Gordon expressed. 

COTECA is a coffee, tea, and cacao fair. It was held in Hamburg on October 10-12, with 200 exhibitors from some 40 nations that showcased their innovative products and services. 

Latin America Day 2018

Furthermore, Peru participated in the 69th Latin America Day (LAT) also held in the port city on October 11-12. 

The LAT is the annual conference of the Business Association for Latin America (LAV) and the leading event for German-Latin American business relations.

Representatives from the spheres related to industry and politics use this opportunity to showcase the latest developments in the region, and particularly the business opportunities available for German companies.

It should be noted that —thanks to the Inca country's attendance— ties with Germany's trade sector guilds were strengthened and business opportunities were offered to entrepreneurs.

"We must not forget that Peru's non-traditional exports to Germany have increased 46% so far (…)," the OCEX representative concluded. 


Published: 11/14/2018