Peruvian cacao in search for new markets

13:28 | Lima, Aug. 24.

Peruvian exporters will seek new markets for cacao shipments due to European Union's (EU) new cadmium regulations for cacao derivatives such as chocolate, Peruvian Exporters Association (Adex) informed.

"(…) Asia or other places that have less strict requirements or demand them in stages are possible markets," Adex Chairman Juan Varilias expressed.

The guild's head informed more than 50% of Peruvian cacao exports are sent to Europe. 

It must be noted the EU will set a limit on cadmium levels for cacao derivatives —such as chocolate and cocoa powder— as of January 1, 2019.

Government's work 

According to Varilias, the Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry (Minagri) is working hard and looking for a way to eliminate cadmium concentrations in cacao crops or move them to other areas in the Inca country.

Peruvian cacao has been exported to the Old Continent for decades, and these European regulations concerning cadmium levels are not new.

The EU has processed and consumed Peruvian cacao and its derivative chocolate. In fact, well-known European brands sell this product in Peruvian supermarkets. 

European consumers 

"Perhaps, European consumers demanded these new requirements, since the decision of whether or not to buy (Peruvian cacao-made products) is theirs," Varilias mentioned. 

In this sense, the Adex head affirmed there will always be a target market for Peruvian cacao, and this is something the guild is working on. 

"I know the Government is also evaluating these issues," he added. 


Published: 8/24/2018