FA Min: President's trip to China will contribute to promoting Peru, attracting investment

Photo: ANDINA/Luis Iparraguirre

Photo: ANDINA/Luis Iparraguirre

10:10 | San Salvador (El Salvador), Jun. 3.

Foreign Affairs Minister Javier Gonzalez-Olaechea underscored the importance of Congress authorizing President Dina Boluarte's future trip to China to promote Peru as a land of opportunities and attract investments.

From San Salvador, the minister emphasized that the future visit responds to an official invitation from the Asian country's Government. In this sense, he stated that "State visits are not endorsable."

The Cabinet member said the Head of State will have the opportunity to hold important meetings to promote Peru before companies from railway, infrastructure, and other sectors.

"Addressing greater cooperation in investment in several strategic sectors is planned; it is a very important visit in a very important year, because we must take into account that the APEC Summit will take place in November and that, within said framework, the President of China (Xi Jinping) will visit (Peru)," he told Radio Nacional on Sunday.

Gonzalez-Olaechea mentioned that the future visit responds to the high-level relationship fostered with China, as well as with other economies around the world to present Peru as a land of opportunities.

He indicated that the agenda to be fulfilled by the top official is included in the letter sent to Congress, which mentions highly varied meetings with emphasis on certain sectors.

"China is the top trading partner and has high-level technology, for example in infrastructure, digital technology, medicine, and digital health (sectors). In short, very specific visits will be held to assess management models and reach agreements that can be replicated in our reality," he explained.

As is known, the Executive Branch requested authorization from Congress for President Dina Boluarte to travel to China, in response to the official invitation that the Asian country's government has made to her.

The request is joined by the corresponding draft legislative resolution, which establishes that the president —if granted permission— is set to leave the national territory from June 23 to 30.

The importance of this trip lies in the fact that it will allow Peru to strengthen bilateral relations with the aforementioned Asian country, currently its main trading partner.


Published: 6/3/2024