EU strengthens Peru's intelligence system to fight drug trafficking, organized crime

11:22 | Lima, May. 17.

The European Union (EU) provided technical assistance to strengthen capacities of Peruvian police officers, judges, prosecutors, customs officials, and other agents working in the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime.

This initiative was possible thanks to a project —implemented by a group of EU member countries— to support the Inca country's National Strategy for the Fight Against Drugs in Peru.

During a ceremony marking the end of this project, EU Ambassador to Peru Diego Mellado highlighted the inter-institutional collaboration between the European Union and Peruvian Government as a key factor to successfully achieve the objectives.

As part of these efforts, the National Anti-Drug Agency (Dirandro) was able to strengthen police's efforts, dismantle 111 criminal organizations, seize over 52 tons of drugs, destroy 78 clandestine airstrips, and demolish 334 laboratories, as well as systematize the data on drug trafficking nationwide.

The EU project against drug trafficking was implemented between 2014 and 2018.

The international organization will continue reinforcing institutions' operational capacities and technical knowledge focused on combating drug trafficking in Peru, through a demand-oriented management and a prioritization based on the sector's needs.

The event saw the presence of State-run National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (Devida) Head Carmen Masias, Dirandro Chief Hector Loayza, and Police Intelligence Unit Director Washington Oviedo.


Published: 5/17/2018