COP25: Peru proposes to incorporate cross-cutting approaches in climate action

09:27 | Madrid (Spain), Dec. 13.

Peru's Environment Minister Fabiola Muñoz called on COP25 participants to replace the sectoral approach with an inter-sectoral one in order to reduce gaps and inequalities when fighting climate change —one of the biggest challenges of humanity.

Her remarks were made at the event called "Incorporating cross-cutting approaches in climate action," organized by the Government of Peru within the framework of the 25th UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) held in the Spanish capital city of Madrid.

"Climate change will affect everybody, and we need to be part of the actions that help us incorporate gender, intercultural, and inter-generational approaches in order to better tackle this challenge. This effort not only involves the State but the entire civil society," she said.

In this sense, the minister noted that some groups are made invisible, like children and teenagers, hence the need to assemble public policies so that climate change becomes an opportunity for all.

"We need to be able to build a more inclusive society. This effort not only involves the State but all citizens. If we make sure that these cross-cutting approaches assemble the policies, then we will have a good chance to close social gaps," she expressed.

For her part, Deputy Interculturality Minister Angela Acevedo stated that the implementation of these three approaches helps make Peruvian State's public policies legitimate and more sustainable throughout time. 

"There are 55 indigenous communities, 48 languages, and almost one million Afro-Peruvians in the country. This is why the development of policies is based on these realities, which provides an opportunity to build a new way of making public policies along with the population," she added.

On the other hand, Chairman of the Peasant Confederation of Peru Wilder Sanchez highlighted the challenge that indigenous peoples themselves face in order to reach consensus during the regulatory process of the Framework Climate Change Law.


Published: 12/13/2019
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