Canada, Korea, Spain, France, and Turkey submit bids for Chinchero airport

11:00 | Lima, Mar. 15.

After the dialogue started in December 2018, Peru's Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) received the first proposals to provide technical assistance for the execution of the Chinchero International Airport project.

The proposals were submitted by five countries interested in providing consulting services upon signing of a State-to-State agreement.

Canada, Korea, Spain, France, and Turkey, through their diplomatic missions, submitted their bids on Thursday to undergo review by the MTC.

Coordination will continue in the following weeks as technical-economic proposals are still to be submitted.

The evaluation process is estimated to be completed by the beginning of the second quarter. 

The country with which Peru will seek a formal agreement may be announced at that time as well.

All of this will enable the establishment of a project management office (PMO), hand-in-hand with a State with extensive experience in first-rate and high-quality airport infrastructure.

This will guarantee the completion of the project on a socially- and environmentally-sustainable basis, as well as through proper execution management.


Published: 3/15/2019