140 Venezuelans deported from Peru so far

14:33 | Lima, Jun. 7.

The Government of Peru deported 140 Venezuelan nationals —including women— with either police or criminal records, as well as those who had provided false information to immigration authorities at the moment of entry.

According to Peru's Interior Ministry, the foreigners had criminal records —involving murder, aggravated robbery, illegal weapon possession, sexual seduction and rape, among others— both in their country of origin and Peru.

"This is the third group, making a total of 140 Venezuelan deportees, who return to their country because we cannot allow people who commit crimes to stay here," he underlined.

According to the top official, the measure is adopted in accordance with Article N° 58 of the Migration Law and Regulations

"Yes to open arms, as Peru has always done, but now we have to be —and we will be— rigorous in controlling the people who enter (Peru). Besides, those, who have entered (the country) illegally, will be expelled," he said.

Likewise, the statesman assured that he will continue undertaking efforts with other countries —in the region— to pressure Maduro, so that democracy returns to the Bolivarian nation.

According to the National Superintendence of Migrations, Peru currently hosts 800,000 Venezuelans


Published: 6/7/2019
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