President Vizcarra: Venezuelans soon to be required passport, visa to enter Peru

16:14 | Lima, Jun. 6.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday afternoon affirmed that only the Venezuelan citizens, who hold passports and humanitarian visas, will be allowed to enter Peruvian territory starting June 15.

The corresponding visa application and granting process will take place at Peruvian Consulates.

Within this framework, he said the measure aims to guarantee a safe and orderly migration.

"Peru has a long tradition of welcoming citizens from other countries, in a humanitarian manner, but as a country we must also have an obligation to ensure the safety, tranquility, and peace of all Peruvians," the Head of State expressed.

According to the top official, the measure is adopted in accordance with Article N° 58 of the Migration Law and Regulations

In this sense, he underlined 140 Venezuelan citizens —including women, who had been arrested in diverse Peruvian regions— were returned to their country of origin.

"Yes to open arms, as Peru has always done, but now we have to be —and we will be— rigorous in controlling the people who enter (Peru). Besides, those, who have entered (the country) illegally, will be expelled," he said.

Likewise, the statesman assured that he will continue undertaking efforts with other countries —in the region— to pressure Maduro, so that democracy returns to the Bolivarian nation.

On this occasion, President Vizcarra was joined by Interior Minister Carlos Moran and high-ranking officers from Peru's National Police and Air Force.

Peru currently hosts 800,000 Venezuelans.


Published: 6/6/2019
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