Over 40 Venezuelans deported from Peru

00:00 | Lima, Apr. 30.

Interior Minister Carlos Moran on Monday informed that over 40 Venezuelan citizens have been expelled from Peru for having police records and entering the country while relying on fake migratory information.

"The Peruvian Government has the duty to protect its citizens as a priority, and the presence of foreigners with criminal records, who entered the country falsifying their documentation, constitutes a threat," Minister Moran expressed in this sense.

"The majority of the expelled (citizens) lied in their sworn statements by claiming they did not have police records for having committed crimes in their country of origin. A minority were residing illegally in Peruvian territory," the high-ranking official added.

Those deported have a history of robbery, aggravated robbery, and illegal possession of weapons in their homeland.

"We have opened the doors to thousands of Venezuelan citizens, but as a Government we must prioritize the protection of our citizens. These people have police records, and that is a threat," he pointed out.

The corresponding operations were carried out in the following Lima districts: San Martin de Porres, Villa El Salvador, Ate, and Puente Piedra, among others.

A Peruvian Air Force (FAP) aircraft transported the Venezuelan citizens back to their country of origin guarded by police officers.

This expulsion was carried out in compliance with international law and within the current legal framework. 

Consulted on what happens with other Venezuelans who have committed crimes in the national territory, he said they must be brought to justice, receive a penalty, and —once their sentence is completed— they must be deported.

The event took place on Monday afternoon at Lima's Air Group N° 8.

As is known, Peru has received over 750,000 Venezuelans, who have migrated due to Nicolas Maduro's regime.


Published: 4/30/2019
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