Seman Peru to perform maintenance work on two U.S. carrier aircraft

19:00 | Lima, Mar. 21.

The Ministry of Defense (Mindef) on Tuesday reported that the Maintenance Service of Peru (Seman Peru) —a company attached to the aforementioned government agency— will carry out important repair and maintenance work on two Bombardier CRJ-900 aircraft, which are operated by U.S. carrier American Airlines.

The aforementioned aircraft entered the facilities of Seman Peru's Additional Fixed Unit - Hangar 3001 at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Callao, on March 15, for the corresponding maintenance tasks.
The package of works to be performed by Peruvian Air Force (FAP) personnel, consists of an A-check, special works on engines, anti-corrosive treatment, general painting of the aircraft according to the new paint scheme approved by the operator, as well as aircraft weight and balance services.
The work carried out on these modern commercial aircraft will help Seman Peru in the process of obtaining the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification required for performing C-check on Bombardier CRJ 700-900 aircraft.

Seman Peru is able to perform major maintenance work on Boeing 727-200, 737-200/500, 737-New Generation, 767-200/300 and L-282 Series (C-130/L-100-20) aircraft.

Additionally, it is duly authorized to do so by the different certifications granted by aeronautical authorities, such as DGAC (Peru), FAA (U.S.), EASA (European Union), DGAC (Chile), DINACIA (Uruguay), CAA (UK), AFAC (Mexico), DAMC (Argentina) and Intertek (U.S.).

Likewise, the Ministry of Defense reported that Seman Peru is in the process of gaining FAA certification for major maintenance work on Airbus 319-320-321 aircraft.


Published: 3/21/2023