Public Ministry raids Videna as part of investigation into Peru's soccer federation chief

Photo: ANDINA/Hector Vinces

15:15 | Lima, Mar. 2.

Public Ministry officials raid the National Sports Village (Videna) facilities in Lima —within the framework of the proceedings over alleged corruption acts that would involve Peruvian Soccer Federation (FPF) Chairman Agustin Lozano.

The prosecutor's team was in charge of Superior Prosecutor and National Coordinator for Specialized Prosecutor Offices against Organized Crime, Jorge Chavez Cotrina. He explained that said premises located in Lima's San Luis district were raided, because the FPF had not delivered requested information.

Last February, the Prosecutor's Office requested the Peruvian Soccer Federation to submit information on bank accounts to rule out possible undue payments to Peruvian clubs. However, the Office did not receive any response.

"A raid on the Videna over an organized crime investigation has been ordered. An order has been issued to seize the documents, which had been requested at that time but were not submitted," Chavez Cotrina said in remarks to Radio Ovacion.

According to the prosecutor's hypothesis, it would be a criminal organization that used the Peruvian federation to distribute monetary amounts among first- and second- league soccer clubs, as well as regional clubs for paying off obligations and debts.

This investigation against Agustin Lozano and 12 other members of the FPF board began on December 15, 2022, at the Prosecutor's Office.

Among them are Raul Eduardo Bao Garcia, Victor Bellido Aedo, Luis Alberto Duarte Plata, Juan Enrique Dupuy Garcia, Jose Carlos Isla Montaño, Gisella Karen Mandriotti Nightingale, Sabrina Gisella Martin Lamalloa, Genaro Humberto Miñan Armanza, Osias Ramirez Gamarra, Arturo Ignacio Rios Ibañez, and Jean Marcel Robilliard Barcena.


Published: 3/2/2023