Peru climbs 11 places in Country Brand ranking

Marca Perú ascendió 11 posiciones en el Country Brand Ranking

12:08 | Lima, Jul. 13.

Peru's country brand rose 11 spots in the Country Brand Ranking list released by Bloom Consulting, compared to its previous report.

This way, Peru ranked 41st on a global scale for the 2017/18 period. 

According to Bloom Consulting, the Andean nation is reaping the rewards of a good Country Branding strategy.

Peru overtook countries like Panama (42nd), Puerto Rico (43rd), Costa Rica (46th) and Chile (48th) in an overall ranking of 193 nations and territories.

In the Americas, Peru climbed 3 spots to claim 6th position, and now closely follows the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

It must be noted the Inca nation had improved 12 positions between 2013 and the 2014/15 edition.

Furthermore, one of the headings in the latest report reads "Watch out for Peru," stressing the need to keep an eye out for the Incas, as their country is experiencing tremendous growth compared to other nations.

Bloom Consulting works alongside the World Economic Forum as data partners.

The methodology used to analyze the success of 193 unique Country Brands comprises four key variables: economic performance, digital demand (D2), CBS rating and online performance.


Published: 7/13/2017