21 ex-foreigners become Peruvians on Flag Day

ANDINA/Eddy Ramos

16:52 | Lima, Jun. 7.

A group of twenty-one former foreign citizens became Peruvians on Wednesday during a naturalization ceremony at the National Superintendence of Migrations headquarters in Lima.

Citizens came from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, France, Spain, the United States and Venezuela. 

As part of the activity, the new Peruvians pledged loyalty to the national flag —on the occasion of Flag Day— as well as to Peru's Constitution and laws. 

Superintendent Eduardo Sevilla, who administered the Oath of Allegiance, welcomed the group. 

The 16 newly-naturalized are now allowed to apply for National Identity Documents (DNIs). They will also be able to fully exercise their legal rights and duties as Peruvian citizens.  

So far this year, a total of 269 ex-foreigners have been granted Peruvian citizenship, Migrations Office data revealed.

It is worth noting as many as 70% of naturalized foreigners have a Peruvian spouse, 25% were born abroad to a Peruvian parent and 5% opted for naturalization. 


Published: 6/7/2017