Peruvian researchers design system to predict landslides

Foto: Difusión

Foto: Difusión

14:05 | Lima, Apr. 1.

Peruvian researchers have designed a high-performance computerized system for getting more detailed information of natural hazards that might incur an economic loss across the Inca nation.

Supported by State-run National Science and Technology Council’s (Concytec) Cienciactiva ("active science"), the project is based on atmospheric and ocean numerical models that provide a more detailed analysis of weather events. 

These models will give a more accurate prediction of extreme natural hazards, like changes in the flow of rivers.

The said system shall be used by universities, institutions and investigation centers all over Peru.

"The implementation of this technology is crucial, particularly in our country, severely hit by floods caused by natural phenomena. This system will help us predict flooding, and major damage," the project’s coordinator Ivonne Montes commented.

Heavy rains and floods have devastated several regions this year, with Piura, Lambayeque and La Libertad being the worst affected.

The system is expected to be used to weaken nature's impact in the most sensitive areas to El Niño phenomenon.


Published: 4/1/2017