Lord of Sipan’s face reconstructed using 3D imaging

Expertos logran recrear el rostro del Señor de Sipán.

Expertos logran recrear el rostro del Señor de Sipán.

16:18 | Lima, Sep. 21.

The face of an ancient Peruvian ruler, known as the Lord of Sipan, has been reconstructed with the help of 3D printing by Brazilian forensic anthropology experts in cooperation with Lima-based Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University after three months of hard work.

The Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum supported the research by providing data required to get closer to his face.
With the use of cutting-edge technology, researchers found out that the ancient Peruvian ruler was aged between 45 to 55 and was 1.67 meter tall.

“He was quite tall for that time period. He had a slightly strong muscle tone, which means he did not do any physical work, as befits his high rank,” Peruvian archaeologist Walter Alva told Andina news agency.

Moreover, pathological data demonstrated an incipient spinal arthritis.

According to Cicero Moraes, a Brazilian expert that took part in the research, this technique was also used to reconstruct the face of St. Rose of Lima and St. Martin de Porres. 

“We performed a scientific study and the skull gave shape to the face we can see today; it is a digital processing that uses acclaimed techniques common in archaeological and forensic contexts,” he pointed out.

Moraes revealed they are working on a 3D printed bust of Lord of Sipan, which will be housed at the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum.

Paulo Miamoto, professor at São Leopoldo Mandic School, noted Peru has opened its doors to science and history, as this kind of research makes a major contribution to global knowledge.

“He was an American indigenous male who died from non-violent causes. No signs of violence were found in his skull. He had a healthy teeth and displayed the characteristics of a ruler,” he added.


Published: 9/21/2016