Peru: Shining Path terrorists captured in VRAEM area

ANDINA/Melina Mejía

09:29 | Lima, Aug. 10.

Two members of terrorist organization “Shining Path”, among them Alexander Alarcon Soto (Comrade Renan) have been captured, Peru’s Defense Minister Jakke Valakivi announced on Sunday night.

‘Renan’, arrested in the La Convencion province (Peru’s Southern Cusco region), was considered one of the organization’s high-level commanders based in the Valley formed by the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro Rivers (VRAEM).

The suspect was found carrying ammunition, weapons and explosives when he was arrested.

The other terrorist identity is yet to be confirmed.

“This successful operation, carried out within previous hours, is a step beyond for the strategy conducted by the Armed Forces and the National Police [against terrorism],” the Minister told the press.

On the other hand, the Chief of Joint Armed Forces, Admiral Jorge Moscoso claimed the detention to be the outcome of integrated interventions conducted by the VRAEM Special Command and the Peruvian National Police.
Likewise, the officer pointed out the operation had seen the participation of a Public Ministry representative. Thus, it was conducted in the framework of unrestricted respect for human rights.

On the other hand, the Director-General of Peru National Police Jorge Flores Goicochea noted “Comrade Renan” may have participated in a series of attacks, which led to the deaths of military and National Police personnel.
Among the victims were Peruvian Police personnel: Captain Nancy Flores Paucar; non-commissioned officers Lander Timana, Antonio Navarro Calle, Jhon Lucana Humani and others.

Similarly, the terrorist may have taken part in explosive-device attacks against the Camisea Gas Pipeline project duct and two Agriculture Ministry forest rangers.

VRAEM had been considered a danger zone due to the presence of drug traffickers and terrorism. Thus, Peru’s law enforcement has engaged in conflicts with the insurgents with the aim of gaining control of the area. Government-undertaken actions led to detentions.


Published: 8/10/2015