Peruvian alpaca fiber exports reached US$21.5 million in 2015

El proyecto busca mejorar la calidad de la fibra de lana de alpaca que se produce en Ayacucho.

13:21 | Lima, Jul. 06.

Peruvian alpaca fiber exports reached 1,305 tonnes as of April this year and amounted US$21,518,000.

The amount is higher, if compared to the same period last year when 1,292 tonnes (valued at US$18 million) were sent abroad, Peruvian Agriculture Ministry-run Sierra Exportadora program announced.

Currently, the average price is at US$14.60 per kilogram, and the main destination is Italy.

Shipments to the European nation totaled US$8.3 million, followed by those to China (US$7.5 million) and South Korea (US$2.7 million).

In order to contribute to expanding exports, Sierra Exportadora provided support to the "Tambo Inca Alpaca Breeders Organization" based in the Apurimac region. It has inked a trade agreement with "Consorcio Alpaquero Peru Export Juliaca" which led to providing 120 cwt of white Huancayo-blanco fiber.

This organization is made up of 40 alpaca breeders from Cotaruse district belonging to the Aymaraes province (Apurimac region). It is in charge of breeding alpacas and collecting fiber during the November-December and February-March period.

Likewise, “Consorcio Alpaquero Peru Export de Juliaca” gathers alpaca-breeding organizations from Andean Puno and Cusco regions, which provide fiber to be later transported to the Arequipa region, where the value adding process is carried out.

In the region, the material will be classified and converted to be later shipped abroad with the aim of continuing providing income to farmers from the Highlands.


Published: 7/6/2015