Puerto Rico plans to open trade, cultural office in Peru

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's Secretary of State, David E. Bernier, met with Ambassador Claudio de la Puente Ribeyro.

11:44 | Lima, Jun. 13.

The government of Puerto Rico announced it plans to open a trade and cultural office in Peru soon to further promote bilateral relations and strengthen its commercial and tourism ties with the Andean nation.
Puerto Rico's Secretary of State, David E. Bernier, announced such plans during a meeting with Ambassador Claudio de la Puente Ribeyro in the framework of his official visit to Peru.

The objective of his visit is to review the bilateral development projects currently implemented by Peru and the Associated Free State of Puerto Rico.

Government officials stressed the importance to enhance exchanges in education, scientific and technological innovation, as a way to bring the two countries and their people closer together.

The Secretary of State also plans meetings with Peru’s Vice President Marisol Espinoza, as well as with ministers of education and health.

Bernier’s visit is intended as a follow up to the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two governments in April 2013 during Peruvian president official visit to the United States.


Published: 6/13/2014