WB highlights Peru's “social transformation” and poverty reduction

Juntos Bienvenidos Madres Pobreza Provincias Niños Atención Bancos Cajeros DNI Asistencia Cobro en Ventanilla Lactancia

Juntos Bienvenidos Madres Pobreza Provincias Niños Atención Bancos Cajeros DNI Asistencia Cobro en Ventanilla Lactancia

10:55 | Lima, Oct. 15.

World Bank Vice-President for Latin America and the Caribbean Jorge Familiar on Friday said Peru carried out a social transformation reflected on poverty reduction, and expressed his institution's support to the country's incorporation into the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

“Peru has undergone a deep social transformation. It has been very successful in poverty reduction, expanding its middle-class and improving citizens' quality of life,” he highlighted during the Peru-OECD 2016 Forum.

He noted many engines of such transformation owed to a highly favorable external environment, such as high mineral costs, which is no longer the case.

Thus, he underlined the institutional reforms Peru seeks to implement to have better public policies which translate into better service to citizens. 

Institutional advancement

On the other hand, Prime Minister Fernando Zavala said the Inca nation aims to become an OECD member in order to enhance its institutional character. 

“I compare this (OECD accession) to the investment grade in terms of institutional character. It is about how Peru moves on to the next level, how it organizes its public policies and bolsters transparency processes,” the Cabinet Chief said.

The high-ranking government official emphasized Peru's OECD accession will bring benefits in various aspects: business climate, public policies and better public administration for the benefit of citizens. 

“The subjects addressed (by Prime Minister Fernando Zavala) are key to achieve forward-oriented sustainable development to carry on with this social transformation,”  Mr. Familar assured.

The World Bank LAC Vice-President said the OECD aims to provide “better public policies for a better life,” which are complemented by the World Bank's goals, namely poverty eradication and promotion of shared prosperity. 

Likewise, the WB official underscored President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's description of Peru as an “orderly, inclusive and fair” country where growth is sustainable. 

“Peru is a World Bank member and we will join it along its path towards development,” Mr. Familiar stressed during the major Forum, which also featured OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria and Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczysnki.

“Much has been said about how beneficial and relevant OECD accession would be for Peru, and I am confident the OECD could also benefit greatly by having a country like Peru as a member. You can count on the World Bank for support in this task,” he pointed out.


Published: 10/15/2016