U.S. increases aid to Peru to combat illegal drug trafficking and corruption

13:02 | Lima, Oct. 31.

The Government of the United States increased its aid to Peru by US$65 million in September 2020 to make progress on the bilateral agenda's priority issues, such as the social and economic development of communities in the Peruvian Amazon, the sustainable management of natural resources, as well as the fight against environmental crime and corruption, the U.S. Embassy in Lima has reported.

Thanks to the cooperation granted by the Government of the United States, until 2019, assistance to 45,000 families was provided in 75,000 hectares of legal cacao and coffee crops, access to financial services for Peruvian farmers, and training in commercial skills for exports.

Sales of Peruvian cacao and coffee products to new markets have been boosted for a value of US$340 million.

In the environmental sector, it has helped protect 2.4 million hectares of Amazon rainforest, including Cordillera Azul and El Sira Protected Natural Areas, forest concessions and community reserves. The skills of 9,700 men and 5,500 women from 43 native communities and public institutions have been improved in the management of natural resources and adaptation to climate change.

The bilateral agenda also includes the fight against human trafficking and corruption.

The U.S. helped in the implementation and citizen surveillance of US$197 million for infrastructure works in northern Peru, with the aim of strengthening transparency in processes, as well as in preventing, detecting and punishing corruption acts.

The granting of the additional US$65 million was made through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), within the framework of a donation agreement for a total of US$432.6 million that began in 2012.

The collaboration between Peru and the United States is part of the General Agreement on Technical Cooperation. This collaboration is strong and long-standing. 

"We are friendly and partner countries, the cooperation agreement being proof of this lasting relationship," the U.S. Embassy in Peru concluded.


Published: 10/31/2020