Review of documentary on Peruvian runner Ines Melchor

15:28 | Lima, Jun. 11.

This article contains Culture Editor Ernesto Carlin's comments on Prueba de Fondo (Long-distance Running), a documentary —currently in theaters— about Peruvian athlete Ines Melchor.

Athletes in Peru, except soccer players, hardly ever become role models for other people. Ines Melchor is one of these few exceptions.

This documentary tells the story of the most popular Peruvian long-distance runner and her journey towards the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

An interesting fact is that the movie not only illustrates the runner's story, but also explores the athletics phenomenon in Peru's central Andes. Likewise, it is not a mere tribute to victory, but to the spirit of improvement.

As people in the athletics community know, Melchor faced several barriers to her participation at the Olympics held in the neighboring nation.

However, movie directors take advantage of these circumstances to deliver a more heartfelt and human perspective of the sports world.

In addition to Melchor's story, the film follows other athletes like a runner at the past Olympic Games and the story of two sisters who want to emulate her.

These testimonies show that failure is always a possibility, as well as athletes' determination to face their challenges. 

Photography is a value added to the film. Junin region's landscapes, the dirt roads used for training, and the modesty of various locations are almost a character in the story, especially when compared to the highly competitive facilities used by Ines Melchor.


Published: 6/11/2019
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