President Vizcarra: Peru-China relations have been strengthened

14:54 | Lima, Jan. 8.

President Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday affirmed the friendship and trade ties between Peru and China have been strengthened over recent years, adding the donation of equipment from the Asian Giant to Peruvian Armed Forces is proof of that.

According to the Head of State, these necessary and useful supplies —which include modular bridges, cisterns, ambulances, buses, and trucks, among others— will enable the Armed Forces to react timely to earthquakes, frosts, and other natural phenomena.

It should be noted the supplies are worth ¥120 million (around US$18 million). 

The donation was made in accordance with two military cooperation protocols signed between Peru's Defense Ministry and China's National Defense Ministry in November 2017.


Likewise, the top official underlined —in 2018— Peru registered the highest tax collection in recent years, thanks to private investments —such as the ones from China

"It is an extremely important achievement, as there is not only greater investment (…). It has enabled us to allocate a great portion of these resources to public investment (…)," he expressed. 

Concerning public investment, President Vizcarra mentioned it reached S/33 billion (US$9.841 billion), thus breaking a historical record in Peru. 

"All of this is part of the economic policy we are carrying out to maintain a clean and healthy economy that can grow and is aimed at improving the life of all the Inca nation's citizens," the Head of State added. 

Furthermore, he pointed out these achievements are possible due to Government's measures, and also thanks to alliances with countries such as China, which believe in Peru and invest in it. 

"We extend our warmest welcome to this kind of investments. We express our gratitude and hope this bilateral relation will grow each year (…)," the top official concluded.  

Remarks were made during the corresponding equipment delivery ceremony at Peruvian Army headquarters in Lima.

The event was also attended by Defense Minister Jose Huerta and Armed Forces' High Command members.


Published: 1/8/2019
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