Peru PM: Gov't promotes responsible mining investment

14:00 | Lima, May. 29.

President Martin Vizcarra's administration promotes and will promote responsible investment in the extractive activities based in Peru, Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva affirmed Tuesday.

According to the Cabinet chief, entrepreneurs will find "a Government that promotes and will promote responsible investment in the mining sector, as well as in all extractive activities based in the country."

"We need a framework of formality where the business activity takes place, within a legal context and in a social environment seeking a tripartite alliance uniting the State, companies, and social groups," he added.

Moreover, Villanueva considered that a country as powerful and rich as Peru should not have wealth merely underground, whereas poverty remains on the surface.

Thus, he addressed the need for said resources to lead towards the nation's development. 


Published: 5/29/2018
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