PM: Peru demands understanding, dialogue and unity

10:39 | Villa Kintiarina (Cusco region), Nov. 18.

Peruvian Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos has affirmed that Peru demands understanding, dialogue, unity and everyone's efforts, during his work visit to Villa Kintiarina district, in La Convencion province of Cusco region.

He said the Government is a friend and ally of peoples and asked citizens to overcome the perception of distance with national authorities.

"The historic political moment in the country demands everyone's efforts; that's why we talk about consensus. Our country demands understanding, dialogue, and unity. Peruvians cannot remain confronted," he stated.

According to the government official, President Martin Vizcarra has asked his ministers to visit regions and districts every week, so that they can get to know people's needs first-hand.

"Central, regional, and local government authorities are working and meeting numerous needs of the population who demands roads, better health care, and education. Important but insufficient steps have been taken," he said in a speech at the Valley of Apurimac, Ene, and Mantaro Rivers (VRAEM). 

Zeballos was accompanied by Agriculture and Irrigation Minister Jorge Montenegro, Deputy Territorial Governance Minister Raul Molina, and Devida Executive-President Ruben Vargas, among other authorities who were welcomed by Villa Kintiarina Mayor Orestes Llacctarimay.

After stressing the Government's commitment to pushing implementation of San Antonio Bridge in Villa Kintiarina, Zeballos called for the rebuilding of trust and the reviewing of local technical files.

"Every road, every bridge is a path to development. We are very concerned about the so-called productive diversification, which involves the search for ways to bring products to market, open new markets, and trade products," he added.


Published: 11/18/2019
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