PM: Government's priority is to improve Peruvians' life quality

13:18 | Lima, May. 2.

The Government's first goal is to improve all Peruvian citizens' life quality, Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva affirmed Wednesday.

In this sense, the Cabinet chief called for unity to jointly face the major challenges the Inca country has in nearly 200 years of republican history.

Likewise, he remarked that enhancing life quality involves overcoming the difficult situation Peru is currently facing.

According to Villanueva, Peruvian economy has slowed down, thus growing below its potential. Also, there is a deterioration of fiscal accounts, as well as an increase in poverty.

"These challenges are not the only ones we have. Corruption steals all Peruvians' money, as well as the hope and confidence that we should have in our institutions, authorities, and politicians," he expressed.

In addition, Villanueva pointed out black money —nowadays— not only comes from corruption and drug trafficking, but also from illegal mining and logging.

Lastly, he stated political and electoral reforms are pending tasks that must be addressed with a statesman's vision, putting Peru ahead of particular or short-term interests.

Remarks were made during the presentation of his cabinet and administration's guidelines before Congress seeking a confidence vote.


Published: 5/2/2018
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