Peruvians not required visa to visit UK starting today

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

09:35 | Lima, Nov. 9.

As of today, November 9, Peruvians do not need a visa to visit the United Kingdom for a period of up to six months.

"Good morning! Welcome to a new chapter in our bilateral relations. Starting this morning, Peruvians who would like to visit the United Kingdom for periods less than six months will be allowed to do so without applying for a visa. Better access. More exchange," British Ambassador to Peru Gavin Cook expressed via Twitter on Wednesday.

This update strengthens bilateral relations, facilitating visits made by Peruvians to the United Kingdom, the British Embassy in Lima highlighted on October 18.

At a press conference held on said day, Ambassador Cook explained that a visa will not be required for stays of less than six months.

"This opens new cultural, commercial, and academic doors, bringing you closer to the British Museum, Anfield, Edinburgh Castle, and much more," he remarked.

That month, the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the announcement, noting that this new stage in the migratory exchange will increase trade and investment between the two countries.

"Good news! The United Kingdom has announced that as of November 9, 2022, Peruvian nationals will be exempt from the visa requirements for short-term trips to said country, thus contributing to further expanding trade and investment opportunities," it stated.

In turn, the Peruvian Embassy in the UK stressed that this measure will further strengthen bilateral relations and exchange in the commercial, tourist, investment, academic, and even political fields between both nations.


Published: 11/9/2022