Peruvian mangoes reach major department store chain in South Korea

17:01 | Seoul (South Korea), Jan. 11.

The Apple Mango event was held at all 15 stores of Hyundai Department Store to position Peru as an origin of high-quality and flavorful mangoes in South Korea, Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) reported on Monday.

The initiative was organized by Hyundai Department Store —one of the three major department store chains in South Korea— in cooperation with PromPeru, in order to promote the distinctive features of Peru's Kent Mango variety.

To that end, the South Korean stores offered a discount of up to 30% off, as an introductory price to the market. 

The regular selling price of the product should be between US$10 and US$13 per kilogram.

High-profile buyers

PromPeru highlighted the high profile of buyers at Hyundai Department Stores in South Korea, which favors the product.

Thus, the Peruvian mango will be considered an 'aspirational' fruit, and the need for purchase will arise when maritime containers reach the regular supermarket chains.

The promotional event was broadcast by different media outlets in South Korea.

Thanks to this coverage, South Korean consumers will become familiar with high-quality Peruvian mangoes.


Published: 1/11/2021
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